Wednesday, 18 March 2009

And all the birds go.

Okay, so I am going to start a list of my fashion no's and yes's. It will grow longer over time so will repost etcc...  Also my rules aren't like set in stone obvvvv and they will change as my tastes maturee and grow etc, so PLZ DNT TAEK OFFENZ? KAI. Thx Bai.

1. I always wear a belt if there are belt loops. 
2. Never wear uggs
3. Don't shop at jack wills
4. Don't buy a cheap highstreet version of an already highstreet version, because chances are it's cheap for a very good reason.
5. Nothing is ever to tight.
6. Black is heaven.
7. Makeup is quite important. (Very).
8.If you are going to wear heels- wear them- don't take them off after ten minutes (with the exception of when you are inebriated and the walk home from the bus stop is actually a mile-no jokes)
9. Tights with holes suck (I have issues with holes and tights -sigh-)
10. Generally I don't wear black shoes with brown tights or brown tights with black shoes. I don't like to mix brown and black.

I am sure there will be plentiful more ;).

Look it's me in my year 12 ball dress, I'm thinking of dita von teesing it this year and going canary yellow:

However, I am not dita von teese.  What do you think?


  1. I agree. Uggs are UGG-ly. I feel like I want to start wearing belts with my pants. I haven't always before though.

  2. Great black and white dress and beautiful red hair. I have to agree - when is this UGG look going to die out. Every time I go to the mall I see an entire group of girls wearing tacky mini skirts with UGGS - such a terrible look.