Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I'm so L.A

Hello summer! So I fake tanned because (BEAUTY ALERT!) If your natural skin tone is dark, you shouldn't be pale, because unlike Dita Von Teese you will just be pasty, so because of a lack of sun this winter to get my boddeeehhhh out I have to have an ORANGE GLOW.


So this is totally what I worrreee.


I am ridiculously stumpy, and my boobs are massive, so yes I often look ridiculous. But I figure I win at anything where you need boobs. Equally I would kill to have long legs and c cup boobs for just a day.

And then Yesterrrss, I had Photo day, so I wore pink :). And  denim Jacket. People at my school don't really get denim, so it was quite crazy.



Monday, 20 April 2009

I found 58 pence

So yeah, here I am as Edna Mode it's pretty bad but I literally had around 10 mins to put together the outfit because I had to set up lights and sound. I'm being molested by a monkey.

Umm, Hi cast of HSM :)(Blurry hot mess)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

What would you say are your big mistakes?

Okay, so I think I may love Victoria Beckham, so yeah she makes mistakes (we all do, it's just she's in the public eye), but she obviously lovessss fashion. She doesn't wear clothes just because the OC or The Hills and look like she's fallen out of A&F . Okay, so her boobs can be a bit ridiculous and her pout does often look fishy, but she isn't a model, she's just normal(ish).

I don't think I can explain how happy this picture made me. I mean wow. It's a match made in heaven. Her jeans line are actually pretty good for bottoms, and she does know what she's talking about (I've got her "book"). She's made her fashion mistakes, but she makes alot of good ones, which is more then I can say then other celebrities (MischASSS Barton)