Monday, 12 October 2009

such a big eggooo, ha ha ha.

Hello Kanye, I like your tiger top and amazing beige grey jacket combo. Mmm. Also space styley blue jacket, icecream billionaire boys club much? Nah, similar stylings but I still want my boyfriend to have that amazing tiger jumper. Go Kanye.
p.s please come study fashion in england with me, we'd be besties.

Monday, 5 October 2009


So, for photography, we are doing reflection. This is my take on it. I hope you likes. These are not final images at all. I just liked the idea. My teacher said they were quirky. Big Woo.
edit- okay so I really dislike the first two, so i deleted them, I will upload the better ones, I just need sleep atm.

Monday, 28 September 2009


I need a burlesque, type song, ASAP. With words, but not to raunchy, keep it p.g. But you know that brassy sound, like X-tinas naughty naughty boy one, or "the stripper" song. PLEASE HELP. Something modern? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Christopher Kane for Topshop. I have high hopes.

It's like the Baboonn one, but at £60 it's so well worth it. I love it. Might buy it for my friend for her 18th.

I love all the mesh boots, bit neon, but still amazing.

These dresses, are so different, yet amazing. The blue is beautiful.

boots, boots, boots.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


I love how the images aren't that clear? Not so focused. I think the whole spread, is beautiful and brave.

Testino shot them, of course.
I wonder who was the stylist?

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Urban warrior

These are just a couple of photos I took from our "Urban Warriors" shoot at CSM. What would you have done? Also, it was so funny because some people got to close to the guard so she stood to attentions completely scaring the model.

P.s. click on the photos to see them better, I'm new to this and I don't know how to make them fit? Any Ideas?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

high heels makeup, fake eyelashes.

Today I went on a fashion styling course at central st martins...I was half an hour late which was just horrible, because of traffic. I got up at 6.30! I was scared it was going to be like mean girls and have loads of designer wearing cliques, who were very much togetherrryyy. But it wasn't no-one really knew each other or had favourites, we were all actually quite cold, but that's fashion, dog eat dog and all that Jazz, everyone checking out each others work. I missed the tour of the college. GUTTED. So I had to find my own way to the classroom. MISSION.

In our first exercise we were paired up and had to draw the person next to us, their style and interests. Mine was pretty cute if I say so myself. She was spanish, liked kings of leon and radiohead and had a dog called Harry (Harry Potter). Then we had a coffee break (I had water, yuck coffee).

Our main excercise, was to restyle clothes, to build new outfits we had specifications, I was paired with this well dressed boy from Reading and this lovely but slightly wet girl from Henley. This is what we producedd....

Wrap and Drape

Volume and Drama

Constraint and Control.

Constraint and Control

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Disco Stick.

Gaultier, FW 09. I basically want his collection. 

Look at the top!!!! And the hat! I basically have that outfit. I am so excited.

Hello Lady GaGaaaaa? ALso amazing, silveryy structured goodness with a small flock.

These two outfits are amazing, it's like something from world of warcraft. I want to dress as a Knight or a Princess. I am completely in love.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


I will update this blog, I will, I will. If I wish to even do anything remotely today with Fashion, I need to follow in the steps of some of you fashionistas. So, I will update at least every other day. And with my new (vaguely, as it is my mums old macbook, which is only two years old) laptop how can I refuse. 

So today I shall start with America and some of my newly purchasseeed clothes.

American Apparel fringe dress, I had drooled over it for around 2 months, and thought well it will look poop on my because of my stupid figure, but I thought, YOU KNOW WHATSS I NEED IT, and I do :). 

Ignore the fact I vaguely look like a pornstar. I have that ability. 

Also; Hello, I was absolutely positively moved by this Richard Avedon photo, I saw his exhibtion in Sanfran Moma. It was amazing.
It's so sad. If I can ever in a million years take a photo as amazing as this, I will die a happy girl.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I am so MOFOING sorry I haven't updated since LIKE forver. But I have been revising. LOOK AT MY MAKEUPLESS FACE. Admiree. my burnt skin. Chemistryyyyy :( BE BACK BY FRIDAYY YEAH!

I look like a Lionnnn!!
Okay well not the best pic for lionesss, but trusttt, I was like Grr.

Love you.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I'm so L.A

Hello summer! So I fake tanned because (BEAUTY ALERT!) If your natural skin tone is dark, you shouldn't be pale, because unlike Dita Von Teese you will just be pasty, so because of a lack of sun this winter to get my boddeeehhhh out I have to have an ORANGE GLOW.


So this is totally what I worrreee.


I am ridiculously stumpy, and my boobs are massive, so yes I often look ridiculous. But I figure I win at anything where you need boobs. Equally I would kill to have long legs and c cup boobs for just a day.

And then Yesterrrss, I had Photo day, so I wore pink :). And  denim Jacket. People at my school don't really get denim, so it was quite crazy.



Monday, 20 April 2009

I found 58 pence

So yeah, here I am as Edna Mode it's pretty bad but I literally had around 10 mins to put together the outfit because I had to set up lights and sound. I'm being molested by a monkey.

Umm, Hi cast of HSM :)(Blurry hot mess)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

What would you say are your big mistakes?

Okay, so I think I may love Victoria Beckham, so yeah she makes mistakes (we all do, it's just she's in the public eye), but she obviously lovessss fashion. She doesn't wear clothes just because the OC or The Hills and look like she's fallen out of A&F . Okay, so her boobs can be a bit ridiculous and her pout does often look fishy, but she isn't a model, she's just normal(ish).

I don't think I can explain how happy this picture made me. I mean wow. It's a match made in heaven. Her jeans line are actually pretty good for bottoms, and she does know what she's talking about (I've got her "book"). She's made her fashion mistakes, but she makes alot of good ones, which is more then I can say then other celebrities (MischASSS Barton)

Sunday, 29 March 2009

I will pay you in love. PLEASE.

This is a big plea, will someone please invite me to join I will absolutely love you forever and give you free hugs and kisses. Please. It would change my life. PLEASE.

This is how loving I am-I made this for my Baby sister (15) who is having a disney party next fridays, I'm going as ;


Do you intend to put up a fight?

Oh my gosh, I am feeling pretty tired. Friends Birthday party last night, boyfriend stayed over. Sister had all her friends round. Clocks went forward. Leaving for rehearsal in 20 minutes. Eurghhh. So I'm wearing
 black AND PINK.

The dress is Miss Selfridge, jacket and top Jigsaw, tights Primani and the KILLER BOOTS Office.


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pretty in Pink-omg i am soo original

Pink Please
Pink Please - by mostlynotugly on

Ohhh, my first attempt at polyvore, how very exciting. I really want some more pink. Any ideas?

Monday, 23 March 2009

Just another one of those glory days.

So Hello there. I used to live in this shirt-literally. It's from gap, the skirt and scarf AA. This is my room, it isn't very tidy. Well actually it's pretty disgusting. I have so many clothes everywhere....


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Just one of those days, typical me.

So I thought I'd post some shiny black, and showcase my friends many talents. Also, admire the great british weather.

Okay, so it was a bit cringe but she needed a couple stringy red thinnngyy, and I being lovely said yesssssss.

The skirt is awesome and wet look and from American Apparel and the top I think is just a primani classsiiic and the boots-german vintage and the cardigan Motel.