Saturday, 22 August 2009


I will update this blog, I will, I will. If I wish to even do anything remotely today with Fashion, I need to follow in the steps of some of you fashionistas. So, I will update at least every other day. And with my new (vaguely, as it is my mums old macbook, which is only two years old) laptop how can I refuse. 

So today I shall start with America and some of my newly purchasseeed clothes.

American Apparel fringe dress, I had drooled over it for around 2 months, and thought well it will look poop on my because of my stupid figure, but I thought, YOU KNOW WHATSS I NEED IT, and I do :). 

Ignore the fact I vaguely look like a pornstar. I have that ability. 

Also; Hello, I was absolutely positively moved by this Richard Avedon photo, I saw his exhibtion in Sanfran Moma. It was amazing.
It's so sad. If I can ever in a million years take a photo as amazing as this, I will die a happy girl.

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  1. ooh i tried that dress on at AA a few days ago, it didn't look half as good on me as it does on you!