Sunday, 27 September 2009


Christopher Kane for Topshop. I have high hopes.

It's like the Baboonn one, but at £60 it's so well worth it. I love it. Might buy it for my friend for her 18th.

I love all the mesh boots, bit neon, but still amazing.

These dresses, are so different, yet amazing. The blue is beautiful.

boots, boots, boots.


  1. fdkasjfai i love topshop, why does it have to be sooo overpriced.

  2. all those shoes. amazinnng.x

  3. I really want the studded hoodie dress thing on the site, it's amazing but also £100! Love your red hair in profile pic

  4. #1 is pretty gnarly i can't lie. i think i'd like to see that on the street.
    the blog that no one knows about.
    [I would love for this statement to become ironic]