Monday, 7 June 2010

Gaga, Perry and Badgers

I used to hate Katie Perry her clothes bored me and I used to love lady gaga, but their roles are reversing. Gaga is amazing but, recently I have begun to wonder whether she is completely manufactured. Don't get me wrong whenever i'm IN DA CLUB I always ask for Gaga, because she is the BEST to dance too, but something my print teacher said made me think. I hope she isn't doing all of this to sell records, I hope her intentions are as pure as they can possibly be. Although I have seen some interviews of her recently and she has come across very inarticulate and almost dumb, which makes me think that all her opinions are formed by someone else, her agent, pr etc. I still love her.

I kinda love the fact she looks like a sexy marge simpson, it's very becoming. The dress is like meh sparkles looks good on her wouldn't on me blablablabla. But isn't that the story of life?

UHH wow, I really really really want all these clothes, like all of them. Mainly because they involve woodland creatures and that really is the greatest thing ever(1.17 hedgehog), but also, the clothes, (1.48 is an actual live badger model, ugh wow) but yes the clothes, 1.58 dress and socks. I really do want it all and as an homage to topshop unique I give you my interpretation:


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